Walton money for “Advocacy” Exceeds $100 million | Charter School Finance Footnoted

The Walton family foundation was in news recently as Valerie Strauss published her annual accounting of WFF education donations.  Strauss focused on the recent WFF donation to Michelle Rhee, and rightly since her DC readership will always chime in on news about Rhee.

But the Walton’s tenticles go all over the country.  So this coverage made me revisit my data.

I am struggling with how to make tumblr do what I want it to do so I had to load this table to google docs as a workaround.


I’ve added a set of categories to the full database and just labeled the most deforminess groups as EdAdvocacy even though the WFF made another hundred million or so in contributions to other orgs like state “charter school associations.”  This subset for EdAdvocacy has 161 contributions totaling $108 million since my data started in 1996.

Click here to read the entire article and to get the spreadsheet link via Walton money for “Advocacy” Exceeds $100 million.