Time Magazine Stands With Rahm | Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

by Peter Hart –

Time doesn’t dwell on criticisms of Emanuel’s policies; readers are told that “the Chicago Teachers Union, a power unto itself, loosed its heavy artillery”–which sounds menacing–and that some people “charged that the closures targeted majority-black schools with majority-black faculties.”

Could it be that people “charged” that because it was true? As the Chicago Sun-Times reported (3/6/13), “Nine out of 10 of the Chicago Public School students potentially affected by school closings this year are black.”

And does closing schools do much about that deficit? According to a WBEZ factcheck piece about the city’s schools (5/16/13):

But despite all the references to the deficit, Chicago Public Schools has admitted that closing 54 schools will not reduce this year’s budget deficit at all.

While Time skimps on critics, we get Emanuel-approving quotes from the CEO of United Airlines and the Chicago Tribune editorial page.  The magazine knows the score: “The mayor’s efforts at school reform, urban redevelopment, infrastructure repair and job training all seem to irritate the status quo in favor of other, often corporate, interests.”

In Time’s worldview, the “status quo” seem to be unions, parents, teachers and students who want to save their public schools. And on the other side? Reformers and big corporations, standing up to those “special interests.” It’s a curious way to see the world, but that’s where Time is coming from. And there’s no doubt whose side Time is on.

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