Charismatic Charter Charlatan Amir Khan: Mayor Of Camden? | Mother Crusader

by Darcie Cimarusti –

This one comes straight out of the “I couldn’t make this %#*@ up if I tried” file. Amir Khan is running for Mayor of Camden.

Yes, THAT Amir Khan.

The Amir Khan who got a charter school approved despite his utter lack of qualifications and clear inability to provide a stable foundation upon which to build a school.

The Amir Khan Governor Christie denied knowing at a Town Hall as Khan and his wife sat directly behind him on the dais.

The Amir Khan who, in a church/state blurring video, lobbied his parishioners to vote AGAINST local control measures.

The Amir Khan who crashed and burned. HARD.

He got evicted from the property he intended to buy from the Catholic church and the state denied him his final charter, citing “misrepresentations and a lack of forthrightness.”

So what’s a charter charlatan to do?


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